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Fundamentals of DRONE




2 Weeks

About the Course

The Fundamentals of Drone course is a 20-hours, online course designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the world of drones. This course covers the basics of drone technology, including the different types of drones, their components, and how they work. It also covers the regulations and laws surrounding drone use, as well as the ethical considerations involved in operating drones.

Throughout the course, students will learn about the various applications of drones in a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, and media. They will also learn about the skills and knowledge needed to safely and effectively operate a drone, including how to plan and execute a flight, how to troubleshoot common issues, and how to maintain and repair their drone.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to drones and UAVs (2 hours)

    • History and evolution of drones

    • Types of drones and their uses

    • Components of a drone

    • How drones work

  2. Regulations and laws (2 hours)

    • Overview of various regulations for drones

    • State and local laws and regulations

    • Ethical considerations for drone use

  3. Applications of drones (4 hours)

    • Agriculture

    • Construction

    • Media and entertainment

    • Environmental monitoring

    • Search and rescue

  4. Skills and knowledge for drone operation (8 hours)

    • Pre-flight planning and execution

    • Flight controls and navigation

    • Troubleshooting common issues

    • Maintaining and repairing your drone

  5. Advanced topics (4 hours)

    • Multirotor drones

    • Fixed-wing drones

    • Hybrid drones

    • Autonomous flight and artificial intelligence

    • Sensors and payloads

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