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'TECH Talks' 

BY AirM 


Bridging the Gap Between Tech and You

  • November 2023     

  • Overseas


AirM Education Division





The AIRM 'TECH Talks' Seminar is your gateway to the exciting realm of technology. We bring together experts and thought leaders to discuss the most current and impactful topics in the tech industry. Engage in insightful conversations on AI, drones, and other cutting-edge technologies



Unlock your potential at AirM's groundbreaking workshop led by Mr. Abul Kalam Khan, the Founder & CEO. Discover the art of innovation and invention, focusing on "Learning How to Think, Not What to Think." This unique one-day experience delves into connecting with the universe, ideation techniques, converting physics into mathematics, and the journey to becoming a tech-entrepreneur.



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  • What will be the timings for your workshops and seminars?
    We will have flexible timing schedule for our online seminar and workshops and some fixed timing for offline workshops.
  • Is the 'workshop' suitable for individual at various levels of expertise from beginners to experienced professionals?
    Yes. the workshop is suitable to all those who are keen to learn.
  • Will our seminar/workshop be paid or free?
    Our seminars will be paid but with a very minimalistic amount. And in exchange you will get a lot of knowledge and also an industry valid certificate.
  • What will be your benefits after attending our AirM seminars?
    You will be very beneficial after attending our seminars and our workshops you will be getting a lot of knowledge and also an industry valid certificate and we know the value of certificates in today’s world.
  • How can I find information about upcoming AirM events on the website?
    You can easily find information about upcoming events by navigating to the "Events" or "Upcoming Events" section on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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