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Introducing our cutting-edge Octocopter drone, designed for unparalleled accuracy and measurement capabilities. With a focus on precision, it offers advanced thickness measurement across various materials, allowing you to obtain readings with utmost accuracy. Its innovative magnetic adherence technology ensures pinpoint precision on metallic surfaces. Elevate your measurement tasks with confidence.

DRONE Ultrasonic thickness Gauge

SKU: 364115376135191
  • MTOW: 5KG

    Type: Octocopter

    Range: 1 Km

    Modes: Manual/Loiter/LAND/RTL

    Endurance: 20 Min

    Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz

    Accurate Thickness Measurement Across Materials: with Precision up to 0.1/0.01/0.001 Millimeters

    Wide measuring range : Pulse-Echo mode: (0.65 ~600)mm (in Steel). Echo-Echo mode: (2.5~60)mm

    Magnetic Adherence for Precise Readings on Metallic Surfaces




    • Quality Control in Manufacturing: This drone can be utilized in manufacturing industries to ensure the quality and consistency of products by accurately measuring material thickness during production processes.

    • Infrastructure Inspection: The drone's ability to measure thickness with high precision makes it ideal for inspecting critical infrastructure such as pipelines, bridges, and oil storage tanks. It can identify corrosion or wear issues before they become critical.

    • Maintenance and Repairs: Industries can use the drone to assess the condition of equipment and structures, aiding in timely maintenance and repairs. By detecting thinning areas or anomalies in materials, maintenance schedules can be optimized.

    • Ship and Vessel Inspection: In the maritime sector, the drone can contribute to ship maintenance by inspecting hulls and structures for potential weaknesses, ensuring vessels meet safety standards.

    • Aerospace Industry: This drone can play a role in aerospace applications, including aircraft inspection. It can measure the thickness of aircraft components to ensure structural integrity and adherence to safety regulations.

    • Oil and Gas Sector: The drone's accurate thickness measurement capabilities are valuable for evaluating the integrity of pipes, tanks, and equipment in the oil and gas industry, preventing leaks and improving safety.

    • Historical Preservation: For conservation purposes, the drone can measure the thickness of historical structures and artifacts, helping preserve cultural heritage by monitoring degradation over time.

    • Research and Development: Researchers can employ this drone to gather data for material studies, helping to enhance the understanding of material behaviors and characteristics under different conditions.

    • Environmental Monitoring: By assessing the thickness of ice sheets, glaciers, and other natural formations, the drone can contribute to climate research and environmental monitoring efforts.

    • Emergency Response and Disaster Management: In disaster scenarios, the drone can quickly evaluate structural damage, enabling responders to prioritize rescue efforts and allocate resources effectively.

    • Construction Industry: The drone can be used to monitor construction material thickness during building projects, ensuring the quality and safety of structures.

    • Energy Sector: Power plants and energy facilities can use the drone to monitor the thickness of pipes and structures, aiding in preventive maintenance and safety assurance.

    • Automotive Manufacturing: In automotive industries, the drone can assist in quality control by measuring the thickness of various vehicle components.

    • Educational and Training Tool: The drone can be used in educational settings to teach students about materials science, measurement techniques, and technology applications.

    • Nuclear Industry: The drone can provide valuable data for assessing the thickness of reactor components in nuclear facilities, ensuring operational safety.
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