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Introducing the AeroScout X1 – your aerial companion for precision and innovation. With its compact design and advanced features, this drone redefines possibilities. From seamless indoor inspections to dynamic event coverage, its 1080P camera and 2-axis gimbal capture every detail. Navigate the skies effortlessly with modes like Loiter and RTL while enjoying real-time streaming and collision avoidance. Elevate your perspective with AeroScout X1 – where technology meets limitless exploration.

AeroScout X1

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Wheel base: 450 mm

    Max. Takeoff Weight: Below 2 KG

    Max. Range: 1 KM

    Operating Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

    Endurance: 25 Min

    Modes: Manual/Loiter/Land/RTL

    Vision Positing: Yes (Indoor Inspection)

    Collision Avoidance: Yes

    Camera: 1080 P with 2 Axis Gimbal

    Video Live Streaming: Yes

    Video Recording: Yes

    Video Broadcasting Integration: Yes


    • Indoor Inspections: The vision positioning and collision avoidance features make this drone ideal for inspecting indoor environments such as warehouses, factories, and other confined spaces. It can navigate tight spaces, capture images and videos for maintenance, safety checks, and inventory management.

    • Security and Surveillance: With its live streaming and recording capabilities, the drone can be used for monitoring and surveillance purposes. It can provide real-time video feeds for security personnel to monitor events, survey large areas, and enhance situational awareness.

    • Search and Rescue: The drone's compact size and agility are beneficial for search and rescue missions in urban or disaster-stricken areas. It can quickly navigate through complex environments to locate missing persons or assess damage.

    • Environmental Monitoring: The drone can be used to monitor wildlife, track ecological changes, and study ecosystems. Its ability to access remote or hard-to-reach locations enables efficient data collection for researchers and conservationists.

    • Infrastructure Inspection: The drone can perform visual inspections of critical infrastructure such as power lines, cell towers, and bridges. Its compact size allows it to closely examine structures and identify potential issues.

    • Agriculture and Crop Monitoring: The drone can assist farmers by conducting aerial surveys of crops. This helps detect diseases, monitor growth, and assess crop health. The data collected can inform precision agriculture practices.

    • Educational and Training Tool: The drone can be used as an educational tool for teaching drone piloting and programming. Its manual and autonomous modes provide a platform for learning about drone technology and operations.

    • Event Coverage: The drone's video streaming and broadcasting integration can make it valuable for covering outdoor events such as sports, concerts, festivals, and rallies. It can capture dynamic shots from unique angles.

    • Real Estate Photography: The drone can provide captivating aerial footage for real estate listings, giving potential buyers a comprehensive view of properties and their surroundings.

    • Construction Site Monitoring: The drone can regularly monitor construction sites, capturing images and videos that help project managers track progress, identify issues, and ensure compliance with design plans.

    • Archaeological Surveys: The drone's ability to access remote and difficult terrains makes it suitable for archaeological surveys. It can capture high-resolution images to assist in documenting and analyzing historical sites.

    • Emergency Response: The drone can be used in emergency situations to assess damage, survey disaster-stricken areas, and assist first responders in planning their efforts.
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